Location services

The Location Services should be used to set the periodic location updates using GPS and/or network providers for Linux systems.


The Location Services can used by following APIs:

  • LocationCoordinates
    Struct representing a geographic location.

  • LocationManager
    Location manager for handling all geolocation-related services of the Live Sense SDK.

//Geo-location of the observation
ls::LocationCoordinates coordinates;
coordinates.latitude = 52.53098377;
coordinates.longitude = 13.384567;
coordinates.altitude = 0.0;
coordinates.bearing = 60.0;
coordinates.bearingAccuracy = 0.5;
coordinates.locationAccuracy = 20.0;

// Update the current geo-location.

// Get the current geo-location.


The maximum time limit between consecutive location updates is 5 minutes. If there is no update within this time, then LocationManager sends coordinates as (0,0,0).

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