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HERE Workspace

A single build environment to enrich, license and purchase location-centric data securely

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Easy to use

Integrate location context into your applications without having to become a GIS expert.

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Single build environment

End-to-end development, deployment, life-cycle management and distribution of dynamic enhanced datasets.

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Data is ISO 27001 certified and SOC2 audited. Data providers have full sign-off control on use cases and applications.

Features and capabilities

Data API

Programmatically store and access location-centric data, including streams, key/value pairs and version-managed, partitioned BLOBs.


Develop data-processing logic using Apache Flink for streaming data and Apache Spark for batch data. Deploy your logic into the HERE Workspace to scale, where the managed pipeline service eliminates the need to provision or operate infrastructure.


Analyze location-centric data using Jupyter notebooks, Python and Apache Spark. Notebooks make it easy to visualize the results of your analysis, employ predictive analytics and share your results.


Develop pipelines faster using location enrichment functions, such as map matching and spatially clustering vehicle sensor data. Then look up road attributes from the map to enhance your processing logic.


Define the structure of your custom data and/or use built-in Protobuf schemas to serialize and deserialize data from within your pipeline code or an external process. HERE Workspace includes schemas for common data formats such as SDII and SENSORIS.


Developer tutorials

Learn how to create applications using the platform SDK and get an overview of the key concepts and functionalities of the HERE platform.

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