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Tracking & Positioning

HERE Tracking

Hardware-agnostic, global indoor and outdoor tracking of devices and assets

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Fully featured

Includes everything from software tools to device management and monitoring right out of the box.

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Global Coverage

Satellite positioning combined with cell and Wi-Fi radio maps provides global usability and reliable urban tracking.

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Power efficient

Save on battery and data when using HERE Tracking for IoT applications.

Features and capabilities

Cloud management for IoT devices

Remotely administer and optimize devices in the field, and finetune for performance, security and reliability.

Seamless tracking and positioning

Use seamless satellite or network positioning to determine the location of devices. Network positioning decreases time to locate, enhances satellite-based positioning and decreases power consumption through onboard calculations.

Track offline

Use device shadowing (inference) to determine the last-known position of devices. Infer their current status and payloads, as well as gain location context from your network of existing connected devices.

Optimize business processes and supply chains

Find inefficiencies in your business by applying your own big data algorithms and deep learning techniques to a hosted, persistent history of datapoints detailing locations, status and other information.

Power-efficient device movement notifications

Set geographical boundaries (geofences) for your devices and get notified when they leave or enter them. Geofence information can be stored locally on the device, optimizing power and data consumption.

Develop your own hardware with portable APIs

Send and retrieve information via wrapper APIs for REST communication using HERE Tracking Servers. Access current and historical tracker location and payload data, or embed tracking APIs into your device firmware with a C library.

Easy to start

Streamline prototyping and evaluation with our reference applications. Use your phone to emulate an IoT device, and use the web app to manage devices, create geofences and monitor real-time location on a map.

Off-the-shelf hardware

Available from Concox, HERE Tracking hardware comes in lightweight, durable and long-life variants, both preconfigured with support for HERE Positioning and secure communication via cellular data.


Developer guide

Discover how to build with HERE Tracking.

Positioning API

Determine and store device location based on satellite or network positioning.

HERE Tracking client C library

Discover how to track and connect your own IoT devices.


HERE Tracking

HERE Tracker

A reference app that shows an IoT device connecting to the HERE Tracking cloud.

HERE Tracking

Tracking web app

Add and configure trackers, manage your geofences and more.

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