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A map to visualize the spread of COVID-19 globally

Navigating the map

The data for reported confirmed cases (yellow) and deaths (black) is displayed as concentric circles for all countries, and on a state and county level where available. We have removed the metric from the first version of this COVID-19 tracker. The size of the circle represents the amount of cases in one location. In the panel on the left you can choose a country from the drop-down menu, see a total global number of confirmed cases and deaths as well as see the daily new cases and new deaths. By selecting a country, the view of those numbers will represent the situation for the chosen geography. 

The timeline in the left-hand side panel represents the spread of the virus in the past weeks and months. With the help of the controller you can navigate through time and display the reported cases and deaths for a given date. The data can be seen as a curve of total confirmed cases and daily reported cases – on a global and country level.


Data currently available on the following zoom levels: State/province level - US, Germany, Italy, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Spain; County level for the US; Country level - other countries. On a global level, this tracker visualizes data from ECDC. For the US, the map shows data from The New York Times, based on reports from state and local health agencies. For Germany, the map shows data from Robert-Koch Institute and ZEIT ONLINE compiled by Jan-Philip Gehrcke. For Italy, the tracker shows data from the Sito del Dipartimento della Protezione Civile. For Spain, the tracker shows data from the Spanish Health Ministry compiled by Secuoyas. For Vietnam, the subnational level data is provided generously by HAPRI. For the United Kingdom, data has been compiled by Tom White.

Please note: The use of different datasets may result in a potential mismatch between global, national, and subnational numbers.


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