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Static data in HD/SD and dynamic location data that’s feature-rich, regularly refreshed and covers the world


Rich in attributes

Use automotive-grade quality map data that's refreshed regularly and has the broadest portfolio in the industry

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Global coverage

Make the most of the largest navigable map footprint available, with coverage of over 200 countries.

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Dynamic data

Utilize dynamic datasets such as hazard and variable speed signs from vehicle sensor data and infrastructural sources

Features and capabilities

Enrich your data

Combine data with your own to increase the geographic coverage, granularity and quality of coverage of your datasets.

Enhance your data

Add value to the latitude/longitude information in your data using analytics, big data tools and by accessing hundreds of map attributes.


Facilitates multiple use-cases across various industries such as automotive, T&L and ad-tech. HERE Map Data provides a comprehensive 2D canvas of the earth, 3D building structures, road usage restrictions and environmental regulation considerations.

Dynamic data

Create a relational network by combining your data with our dynamic, near-real-time information such as hazard warnings, weather and traffic.

Optimized maps

Need to render a vector tile base map or do some map matching or clustering? Or facilitate data analysis? Our Optimized Maps for Analytics (OMA), including maps optimized for location library and visualization, enable specific use cases.


HERE Data User Guide

The HERE platform provides access to many activities related to data, including discovering, managing, and visualizing the data.

Pipelines User Guide

In the HERE platform, data can be processed in pipelines as a continuous stream of real-time data or in convenient batches. This document focuses on how to use pipelines.

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