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HERE Live Sense SDK

Powered by AI, enables real-time hazard alerts to combat distracted driving, enhancing safety on the road.

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Fine tune your app by controlling the number of detectable objects featured, for custom implementation and use cases.


Offline processing

Detect objects in real-time using edge processing on the device that works for any type of vehicle, regardless of internet connectivity.

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Develop for a wide range of devices (PNDs, dashcams, smartphones). Use for Android, iOS, and Linux.

Features and capabilities

Real-time hazard alerts

Inform drivers with audio and/or visual alerts of potential hazards for greater awareness e.g. vehicles braking, pedestrians, bicycles, potholes, construction and others.

Safety alerts model

Contains extra heuristics for alerting the user of possible hazards in their path, such as time-to-collision warnings for impact with the leading vehicle, and alerts for pedestrians and bicycles entering the vehicle's direct path.

Change detection

Keep drivers informed in near real-time of changes in road conditions like road closures or construction zones to improve preparedness. Once driver’s device is connected to the internet, updates can be integrated to keep maps up-to-date.

Contextual route guidance

Improve confidence when driving with route guidance that uses objects in the driver’s view as guidance points for maneuvers. e.g. "Turn left at the stop sign". Delivered with the help of HERE SDK or HERE Location Services.

Detects and classifies objects

Using a camera-enabled edge device, objects on the road and in the surrounding space can be detected and classified including vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, constructions zones and potholes.

Available for a variety of devices

Compatible with a variety of edge devices, including smartphones, dashcams and PNDs with cameras. The performance of HERE Live Sense SDK will vary between devices, as CPU, GPU and display resolution are primary determinants.

Boost your app functionality

Make the capabilities of your apps more powerful by combining HERE Live Sense SDK with other HERE products, like HERE Location Services, HERE Traffic and HERE Studio.

Offline capability

Key features of the app, including detection, classification and notification do not require data or Wi-Fi connection, freeing up data consumption on the edge device.

Augmented reality

Create a unique navigation experience by incorporating the augmented reality capabilities of HERE Live Sense SDK with HERE SDK, or HERE Location Services.


Create customized driver safety solutions

See how Live Sense SDK detects potential hazards in real-time, which can be used to create audio and visual alerts to warn the driver.

HERE Live Sense SDK for Android user guide

Start developing with HERE Live Sense SDK on the Android platform.

HERE Live Sense SDK for iOS user guide

Start developing with HERE Live Sense SDK on the iOS platform.

Live Sense Linux SDK user guide (Beta)

Start developing with HERE Live Sense SDK on Linux.

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