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Location Services

HERE Tour Planning

Customizable, traffic-enabled many-to-many route optimization

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Full-fleet optimization

Cost- or time-optimized tours for all vehicles in a fleet, incorporating vehicle type and capacity, to maximize utilization.

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Job and vehicle constraints

Optimize tours based on job time windows and driver shifts, linking customer-defined job requirements to vehicle capabilities.


Traffic and truck routing

HERE Tour Planning provides live traffic-enabled vehicle optimization, using truck attributes where appropriate.

Features and capabilities

Optimize plans for full fleet

Based on the provided vehicle list, optimize routes for the lowest cost by balancing routes and number of vehicles used.

Replan for new jobs in real time

Once tours are underway, use the generate tours as input to accommodate new jobs without disruption, based on current vehicle locations.

Consider multiple time windows

If jobs can only be completed at certain times, include these so that tours can be appropriately planned around them.

Unique vehicle properties

Define vehicles and their operating parameters, used to calculate routes based on vehicle profile and optimize the cost of tours.

Specify job and vehicle constraints

Add optional requirements for jobs (for example, refrigeration) to match vehicles with those properties when creating tours.

Traffic-aware, truck-based routing

Tour plan time estimates reflect current traffic, and are use special truck-routing attributes when heavy vehicles are used for a tour.

Include driver shift time

List shift start and end times to ensure that drivers are properly assigned tours that can be completed within the required time for safety or compliance purposes.

Cost-efficient multi-stop jobs

Jobs can be pickups, deliveries, or a combination of the two (for example, multiple pickups followed by a single delivery), handled automatically by HERE Tour Planning.


Developer guide

Full documentation and request examples for HERE Tour Planning

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