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Location Services

HERE Geocoding & Search

Search HERE’s daily updated database of Places/POIs and addresses with one box search and get fast suggestions with autosuggest

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High accuracy

The most accurate and up-to-date database for point addressing, with over 270 million precise point addresses in 70 countries.

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Precise results

Robust geocoder queries recognizing both addresses and Places information to provide more relevant results

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Localized lookup

Understand differences in address format across countries and correct formatting issues to pinpoint locations faster.

Features and capabilities

Forward geocoding

Geocoding available in 196 countries, with high-precision mapping of display or navigable positions. Input a structured or free-form address to get results ranked by relevance or proximity.

Reverse geocoding

Get a physical address from a set of geocoordinates. Use heading information to understand direction of movement, and get addresses, landmarks or area information around a position.

Search data

Search a rich database of ~120M POIs/places, that is updated daily, and interact with Places rich attributes covering information from name and category, to price range, contact and URLs.


Get better suggestions with fewer strokes for places, addresses, chain queries or category queries, as well as provide search text matches with or without spatial filters.

Bring Your Own Data

Add your own POI data sets to your search infrastructure to provide more relevant results to your end users.

Note: this is available only to customers that have licensed HERE platform Workspace.


Hands On: Reverse Geocoding with Golang

Reverse Geocoding NEO 6M GPS Positions with Golang and a Serial UART Connection.

Geocoding Exif Image Metadata in Python 3

Getting Started with Geocoding Exif Image Metadata in Python 3.

Developer Waypoints S1 - Episode 3: Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding with JavaScript

In the third episode of Developer Waypoints with Nic Raboy we are showing you how the HERE Geocoder and Reverse Geocoder work.

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