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HERE Studio

Visualize your data on a map, without any coding

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No code solution

Visualize data to create an interactive map using an intuitive point-and-click web app.

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Real-time data editing

Upload datasets to the cloud that can be viewed instantly and edit data in real-time to create maps faster.

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Get more control over your data layers using our CLI, API and SDK for big data processing, data analytics and location services on HERE Platform.

Product features

GUI map editor

Visualize your data to create custom maps without coding or a back-end infrastructure. Upload datasets in different formats, including GeoJSON and CSV, to view them instantly on a map.

Style your map with ease

Customize your map with colors, markers and other design elements and create compelling visualizations using the properties of your data. Securely share your map with others and enable view and/or editing rights for the map.

Interactive map layers for advanced use cases

Use the RESTful API for interactive map layers that power HERE Studio. Work directly with geospatial data at a feature and feature-property level and create more flexible maps with your uploaded data in any app or map library.

Features and capabilities

Style data

Customize the look and feel of maps using an intuitive graphical interface. Choose from different base map styles and customize colors, label text, lines, markers and other stylistic elements.

Conditional formatting

Use your data attributes to create rule-based styling for fast and effective customizations on the map.

Interactive cards

Create interactive cards to describe features to the user when they select a point, line or polygon on the map. Easily drag and drop the properties to display and re-order the list.

Create legends

Automatically create legends based on the properties or features in your dataset to explain your map.

Edit maps by adding geometry

Add features such as points, lines or polylines to your map, and highlight areas with markers, icons and text labels. Easily edit custom geometry by moving and reshaping and have all edits automatically updated on your published map.

View data on a map or table

Upload datasets to the web app or drag and drop files directly onto your map for faster interaction. Switch between map and table view to easily explore and edit data.

Share your map in minutes

Share your map in just two clicks. Keep it for private use or share it with your colleagues for improved collaboration.

Map Gallery

Explore maps built with HERE Studio

A world of location data

map of pedestrian casualties in Florida

Vehicle and pedestrian collisions

Pedestrian accidents mapped according to location and time of day.

map of solar installations and trees in Amsterdam

Green Amsterdam

Mapping solar installations and trees by neighborhood.

map of smart street lights in San Diego

Smart streetlights in San Diego

A map of smart streetlights that share city mobility data such as parking spots.


HERE Studio

See how you can build maps with our intuitive web app. No coding necessary.

Interactive map layers

Interact directly with geospatial data at a feature and feature-property level.

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