Welcome to HERE Studio on HERE platform!

HERE Studio allows you to create beautiful, insightful maps, which you can publish and share with others, without writing a single line of code. It is an interactive, visual, real-time, web-based application for creating maps within minutes. Upload, style, and edit your interactive map layers without coding.

HERE Studio is built around standards like GeoJSON and is designed to give you flexibility in acquiring datasets for your maps. For example, open GeoJSON datasets are easily incorporated into your HERE Studio maps.

To customize and give your map impressive details, you can edit data and geometry, and add your own personal styling to each layer of your map.

HERE Studio advantages

  • Powerful map data management, powered by the HERE platform, which makes working with map data convenient and effective.
  • A cloud service to store and access data for your maps, even with huge amounts of data.
  • Easy to understand display tools, even if you have no prior experience with geospatial, location, or projections concepts.
  • No knowledge of coding required.

New in HERE Studio on HERE platform

  • There are additional accurate background maps and more styles available now also for our beautiful new maps in Japan
  • You may collaborate more securely on map creation with your organization's colleagues
  • You can now use all HERE platform's Workspace capabilities for processing and analyzing your interactive datasets
  • You can import data from HERE platform's Marketplace
  • There are new features like point clustering and zoomed-out visualizations, and we will continually update new features in this version of Studio


  • Publishing your maps to the world is not yet possible in HERE Studio on platform, but it will be enabled again later.
  • If you have been using HERE Studio on, you may still continue using it.
  • You will be able to migrate your maps over to the platform in the near future. Be aware that is deprecated, and will stop working by late 2021.

HERE Studio uses Interactive Map Layers (IML) in the HERE platform to upload your own data or open datasets. It also uses HERE Location Services like Vector Tiles API and Search API.

For more information on:

  • How to start off your map creation, see Quick start.
  • The rates for using Interactive Map Layers and other location service see Pricing.

Data privacy is of fundamental importance to HERE and our customers. We practice data minimization and don’t collect data we don’t need. And we promote pseudonymity for data subjects wherever a service does not require personal information to function. We employ privacy by design in services we develop. We strive to go beyond mere regulatory compliance and make privacy an integral part of our corporate culture. We believe that our approach to privacy is vital to earning and retaining the trust of our customers – and the bedrock of our future success as a data-driven location platform.

For more information on how data privacy is of fundamental importance to HERE and our customers, see the HERE Privacy Charter.

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