Delete data from an interactive map layer

The following outlines the process for deleting interactive map layer data:

  1. Obtain an authorization token.
  2. Use the api-lookup API to get API base URLs.
  3. Use the interactive API to delete the features you want deleted.

Obtain an authorization token

Obtain an authorization token for your HTTP requests. For more information, see the Identity & Access Management Guide.

Get API base URLs

Use the API Lookup service to get the API endpoints for the interactive API of the catalog containing the interactive map layer with data handles you want to delete.

For instructions, see the API Lookup Developer's Guide.

Delete data

In order to delete data, you must perform the DELETE action in the interactive API.

DELETE /<Base path for the interactive API from the API Lookup Service>/layers/<Layer ID>/features/id=<Feature ID 1<,<Feature ID 2>


HTTP/1.1 204 No Content


A deletion will automatically increment the version number of the layer for interactive map layers.

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